laura ferrario


laura ferrario

Enough about flowers and sun
or the robins that sing tra-la
Let’s hear it instead for pickles,
the ones that reek with garlic
to make the Reuben come out just right.

And I’m all for prunes or purple plums
that also make things come out right.
There are other rights like the Constitution
along with the Bill of Rights,
enough reason to celebrate the afterthought
and the Bible with its ever-after.

Then there’s left – both left-behind
and those who live in a right-handed world.
Think of left-overs like globs in the fridge,
that no one seems to want
as well as left-brain that sum such matters
with digital perfection.

Arch supports deserve a big hand,
(I mean the kind that last)
and there’s something special
about the arch-remark, the sweep of the brow
and the brow that comes with the sweat of…
along with sweeping statements that make no sense
even though there are five to choose from.

Whatever counts is worth the measure
and uppermost in the passage of time
like the bong sounding from Big Ben
or the dinner bell clatter
when you’re Home on the Range
depending on whether it’s too hot
(that is, weather or range).

But most important is the springy curl
at the nape of your neck
and the spring in your step when confronted
with surprises that spring full-blown
filled with tooting whistles, paper hats, plastic forks
and the passing years
bringing us around to the beginning
if there ever was one.

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